Hola Amigos y Compañeros!

THE DANGALEROS are feral drifters from both sides of the US-Mexico Border; who on special occasion honor a Cease-Fire to perform their unique brand of WESTERN Funk Punk Surfabilly. 

“Their live performance is Unbelievable! Unhinged! A show no one Forgets!”  – Gabriel Sheets, HIDEOUT SALOON – Mariposa, Ca.

They are NOT the Best Musicians en La Frontera. . .They are the ONLY ones!

Geographical undesirability is the sole reason The DANGALEROS formed back in 2016 along the US-MEXICO Border near Tecate, Baja California Norte. With absolutely NO other musicians around for hundreds of miles, The Despicable Six are forced to occasionally put aside their deep seated disdain for each other, lay down their weapons and perform “Live“ together.


Their mistrust and hostility towards each other goes back well over a 150 years. Take for instance; Manco (United States Border Patrol Agent & Co-Lead Guitar) and Georgia Murrieta (Pistolero & Co-Lead Guitar).   I mean would you want to rip on a guitar next to someone related to the person who paraded one of your family members heads around in a mason jar?


Their debut album(released in 2017) , entitled ¡ CUIDADO ! Here Comes The Dangaleros ! has garnished alternative college and internet radio airplay….and proof them hooligans will play just about anything on the air at 2 a.m.

Seriously, if you want something Original, with some catchy fun lyrics, with those Rockin’, Raw, get on your feet and Wreck ‘n Rage ….with a splash of Reverb and Tremolo “Tones” … then you just might dig The DANGALEROS.

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We Consider ALL of you Family !!!!

And hope you become an AMIGO OF THE DANGALEROS so we can stay in touch, swap lies, and party together.

Nos Vemos Pronto!!!!

– Rance Lane – The DANGALEROS