A Burrito for Thought by Rance Lane

           It’s NEVER too late to reinvent yourself !

…..And why….the ‘why’ you do something may reveal itself at a later time.

I am in my late 40’s now, and just recently started to learn how to play guitar… a little over a year ago to be more exact, although I have been writing lyrics and music a bit longer …say about two and a half years, ….and really ONLY due to a bad incident that happened in Baja Mexico in the late ‘90s which was the first domino to fall setting off a chain of events igniting what would eventually lead me to where I am today….a professional songwriter.

So, first I would like to send out a SINCERE THANKS to the Banditos in San Ignacio, Baja Sur Mexico who broke into my truck and stole my stereo….And took all my music that I spent years assembling. I was bitter as hell at the theft and refused to buy another stereo….and also, I quit buying music all together.

For years, I drove around with just the sounds of the wind, high mileage engine rattle n rumble, and squeaks of a desert battered suspension. Gorilla Tape kept the elements out on the entire passenger side rear of my beat up ’92 Suburban.

Short story Long……I Always had tunes in my head and I would wing it with lyrics….and sing for myself while commuting from point A to point Z without a stereo. On the advice of my special gal …known as Sweet Pepper, who unfortunately was sitting shotgun and forced to listen to my pitchy butchering of the musical note system….it was her advice that I started to write some of it down.

And then years later, through the help of some musically virtuous amigos whom I crossed paths with,… like Ryan P. Scripps, Haroun Serang, and Colby Pollard my eccentric multi-instrumentalist song writing partner who is a savant for melody and has POP magic in his finger tips……as well as renowned songwriter / composer Greg Camp and the world famous talented drummer Ben Sesar, and the legendary blues guitarist Kid Andersen ….these extremely talented and patient people who were nice enough to take a moment from their extremely busy lives to help inspire and mentor a “nobody” on his initial Journey of making sounds. …Can’t thank them enough.

Through this positive vibe and guidance, I was able to peek inside what musicians do to build a song…..they helped me get started….and slowly n Shirley…. I had a few songs actually come to fruition. From that point on, I was hooked on writing and playing music for my own pleasure.  

Many kids dream of being a Rock Star on stage performing for an endless sea of people, but not for me, I always had vivid dreams my entire life of playing guitar and singing with a band….never really noticed during my dreams if anyone was in the crowd.  Didn’t care about being a ‘star’.  Recognition was no carrot for me, I feel awkward actually even when someone thanks me for anything.  I dig the creative process ! …..It’s in the ‘doing’ more than anything for me.  I’m guessing it’s either that overly self conscious instinct kicking in with the fear of being in the spotlight or possibly not understanding the connection real musicians have with a
crowd, because all I know is that before I rode horses, surfed inside a tube, flipped in mid air, etc. that I saw it very very clearly in one of my many vivid dreams without eyes zeroing in on me.  

And all I can recall is how extremely bummed I felt upon waking and realizing ….it was JUST a dream…..and Now, here I sit ……without a clue how to play an instrument or sing for that matter.

So, due to whatever spirit pushed me, as well as with all the help from the enlightened individuals mentioned above; I have just completed a full debut album ( click here to Listen), learned some guitar, and just about to embark on the next chapter of this which is touring ‘Live’ with a ‘Real Band’ the music that’s been flying around my brain for so long.  It’s been so dang exciting and daunting at the same time  

Even with only a handful of ‘Live’ shows under my belt thus far, one thing I MUST ADMIT I was not expecting due to “not” seeing a crowd in any of my dreams……So I’m just realizing this lately……is that YOU are an essential part of all this, more importantly it is that each and everyone of YOU who listens to the music I helped create……

shares in this experience and makes it more real….amplifies it to a whole new level of communication…..brings it alive.   So…..THANK YOU for being a part of this magnificent adventure.

Whoa….tangent alert !!!….sorry.

Ok….. back to my main point, which is……Don’t be afraid to try new shit !!!!!!!  Even if it scares the pants off ya.

And ….please…..DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK FOR HELP from the universe.

Why not get help from the World Champion of Horsemanship like Chris Cox or a multi-platinum Musical Artist like Greg Camp? Remember….someone took the time to help them too at some point.

You may surprise yourself !

I absolutely love …..and try to live by Jack London’s quote:

” Get in and wrestle with the sea. Bite the seas breakers, master them, and ride upon their backs as a king should. “

…..and last, but not leashed ( sorry…bad dog pun )

If someone ever approaches YOU for help….might be a good idea to pay it forward…and help to INSPIRE them too !

Oh…Yeah !

And…..If you’d like to hear the milestone of this journey, then click here to listen to our debut album, ‘CUIDADO! Here Comes The Dangaleros’.

Thank YOU for being a Listener and a Great Amigo…. for making it all matter.

Talk soon,



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