Happy Nude Year

Hey There Amigos of The Dangaleros !!!!

Rance Lane here from the most adventuresome band on this dirt and water ball soaring around that mondo smokin’ FIRE BALL !  That’s Trooper by the way, He likes the smell of my hat. Ha Ha

It’s New Years Eve, the last few hours of 2016,….and I Just wanted to say HOLA and update ya’ll that we have finally launched our initial web site and would love any and all feedback, be it positive or not so much.

For now, I would love for you to check this link out if you haven’t seen it already because it will get you TWO FREE SONGS from our Super Bitchin’ New Debut Album!!!!  CLICK HERE to check it out.

And I will be back very soon with some more wondrous babbling in the very near future.

And Oh yeah….I wish for everyone to bring in the New Year…Buck Naked and Grinning from ear to crack !!!!!

Talk Soon,

Rance Lane

The Dangaleros