¡CUIDADO! Here Comes The Dangaleros for ONLY $9.95 !

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1. Hey! Little Pretty
2. Runaway Tractor
3. Aimlessly Moseyin’
4. Bipolar Love Song
5. Middle Age Lobotomy
6. Buck Me!
7. Drink Dinner 2nite
8. Brothers Song
9. Baja Noche
10. Ride Life

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Like the pioneering inhabitants of an old spaghetti western town, THE DANGALEROS are a collision of adventure and danger invoking the many flavors of Rock and Roll, Country, Funk, Blues, Punk, and Surf into an audible elixir tasted ONLY by those of who dare fate, snub convention, and tickle up a grin in the face of the practical, the serious and the traditional.

So……Spin check your bullet cylinder and buckle that holster low on your hip. Gonna be a Sun in Yer Eye SHOWDOWN !


In short, if you are a fan of legendary unique bands that defy genre such as Janes Addiction, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cheap Trick, Adam and the Ants, Wall of Voodoo and others like them, The DANGALEROS debut album “iCUIDADO! Here Comes The Dangaleros” is a MUST HAVE for your collection.

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